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What is an aneurysm?

An aneurysm is abnormal blood vessel dilation. Aneurysms cause problems either by bursting to cause severe bleeding or by blocking the hunger of the organs in the bloodstream. The two most common sites for aneurysms are the infrared aorta (below the kidneys at the back of the abdomen) and the polite artery behind the knee. However, aneurysms can occur in nearly any artery in the body.

Some aneurysm types are much more common than others. Aneurysms also occur in the brain and can cause bleeding and strokes in the brain. These aneurysms are not related to peripheral aneurysms, and neurochirurgists usually treat them.

Treatment and Prevention:

If an unbroken aneurysm has been diagnosed, work closely with your doctor to monitor any changes in an aneurysm. Depending on the size and location of an aneurysm, your condition may require regular checks. Some aneurysms may need surgery to strengthen the wall of the artery with a stent. In cases where an aneurysm has ballooned the side of the blood vessel, the area may be closed by a coiling procedure.

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