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Thread Veins

Thread Veins

Thread Veins

What are the veins of a thread?

Thread veins are prominent veins of purple color in the skin most commonly seen in the legs. They are harmless, but sometimes uncomfortable and can be very unpleasant. Sclerotherapy (injection) can very easily treat them. This is done with bright light and low magnification using small barely felt needles.

Investigation of thread veins

Before treating thread veins, it is necessary to ensure that the main veins in the leg are not affected by any underlying problem. A duplex scan is usually arranged for this (Doppler-ultrasound). If a larger vein fails, this should be corrected before thread veins are treated. These techniques are explained in the website's Services and Treatments section (see Laser varicose vein treatment).

Sclerotherapy (injections) may also be seen in thread veins

Thread veins are not painful microinjections, the injections are barely felt. The technique works by sticking the vein walls together so that they are destroyed. An important part of the treatment is the compression applied after the injection. This takes the form of an elastic store or tub grip worn for 48 to 72 hours or longer for larger or larger veins. The cosmetic results of thread veins microsclerotherapy are usually very good. Some patients, however, may react to the injection and develop an ulcer or scab when the injection is seen. This is unusual, but before treating larger areas, a test injection is always performed. They take the form of a brown skin color when the injection is seen.