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Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

The key component which makes endovascular surgery attractive compared to conventional surgery is usually related to recovery time and patient risk. Endovascular options usually (but not always) are less risky than conventional surgical approaches and usually, have shorter recovery times for the patient. Unfortunately, endovascular procedures are often not almost as durable (stay open or work) as many conventional surgical approaches. Therefore, it is intuitive that the risks and benefits of both endovascular and open surgical techniques are considered ON AN INDIVIDUAL.

In fact, this question is the most important to ask in our opinion. The first intervention in the peripheral vascular system can be the most important because it can turn a relatively innocent problem or find into a limb or life-threatening one along the way. Informed consent (the paper you sign before the doctor does something) involves not only a discussion of the risks and benefits of a particular intervention, but also a discussion of the risks and benefits of other treatment options.

When you ask your doctor about these factors, they should be able to provide informed/educated answers and discuss the options available for different forms of treatment, some of which they may not perform. To date, there is only one group of specialists, the Peripheral Vascular Surgeon (via the American Board of Surgery), who must achieve and demonstrate this knowledge to be a certified board/board eligible for their respective specialties.

While someone from a number of specialties and perhaps not the peripheral vascular surgeon, in particular, can perform the actual intervention, the training requirements for this specialty require an understanding of the options and results for peripheral vascular treatments.

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