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Abdominal Emergency & Trauma

Abdominal Emergency & Trauma

Abdominal Emergency & Trauma

Why abdominal injuries are a serious issue?

Major abdominal injuries need urgent attention and expert care. There can be bleeding form one or more vessel injury, which if not treated immediately can be life threatening. Injury to esophagus, stomach or intestine can cause a leak of food in the abdomen and this can lead to severe infection.

What is an abdominal emergency?

Abdominal emergencies are life-threatening abdominal diseases which need urgent treatment.

It includes

  1. A major injury to organs of the abdomen
  2. Infection inside the abdomen
  3. Bleeding from blood vessels
  4. Perforation (Hole) in a hollow organ of the digestive system
  5. Blockage in main blood vessels of intestine or liver

Treatment of abdominal trauma at Gujarat hospital

Gujarat hospital has dedicated a team of gastrointestinal surgeon, Gastro physician and endoscopist, Full-time intensivist, Radiologist 24x7 laboratory and pharmacy – all these together makes this place an ideal Hospital for abdominal trauma and emergencies.